Aluminium Can Scrap Handling and Fume Extraction Solutions

Cost Effective, High Quality Beverage Can Manufacturing Solutions

We are highly regarded among can manufacturers, for providing high quality, robust, well executed, cost effective solutions.

We have provided solutions to many well-known manufacturers in the beverage can industry, installing systems worldwide.

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    “Impact went the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. We would definitely use them again and recommend them to other can manufacturers.”

    Cupper hood aluminium can scrap removal
    Impact and the metal packaging industry

    Expert industry leaders
    Impact Air Systems design, manufacture and install a vast array of air-based material conveying solutions including waste, trim and scrap conveying systems, dust, fume, and odour control systems. Our solutions can be found hard at work in many different industries all over the world including beverage can and can ends manufacture, paper, carton and cardboard, printing and conversion, foil, film, textiles, automotive and healthcare through to material recycling or recovery facilities.

    30 years experience
    With over 30 years of trading experience, Impact Air Systems is built around core quality values, vast industry experience and are at the forefront of technological developments to ensure solutions are world class, exceeding the individual needs of every customer.

    Working together for you
    Impact Air Systems is highly regarded among can manufacturers, consultants, plant designers and OEM suppliers alike, for providing high quality, robust, well executed, cost effective solutions. We have provided solutions to many well-known manufacturers in the beverage can industry, installing systems worldwide which play a vital part in the efficient production and safe working environment they demand.


    An industry leading service

    From increased revenue from aluminium recycling to an improved working environment, there are many benefits that an Impact Air Systems solution can provide. All Impact systems fully comply with NFPA 654, 91, ATEX & COSHH regulations.

    • Over 30 years of British engineering and expertise in the metal packaging sector
    • Innovative and energy efficient solutions
    • Tailored packages to suit your needs
    • Significantly improve the value of recyclate aluminium and steel recovery through scrap handling
    • Processes a wide variety of beverage can sizes and shapes at line speeds of up to 2500cpm
    • Fully automated bale handling for continuous production
    • Vastly improved working environment by extracting odours, nuisance dust and oil mist and vapours from facility
    • Custom designed for your specific facility layout
    • System modifications for existing systems available
    • Long life, thermally insulated, ductwork used. State of the art, easy-to-use system controls, system training and support provided
    • A dedicated after sales and field services team
    Aluminum Can Making Scrap Metal Robotic Handling and Baling

    Innovative Designs

    We recognise and support the responsible production you must maintain by providing you with innovative, energy efficient designs and systems. Our systems are reliable, robust, well considered, and compliant with international standards and directives.

    Our engineers use the latest 3D modelling software, and our installation teams are highly trained and fully accredited. Our experience and expertise enable us to design and install bespoke solutions to compliment the stringent demands of the modern production facility, ensuring a clean and safe working environment, whilst recovering valuable waste material for recycling and ensuring unwanted dust or fumes are handled safely and effectively.

    We have been designing bespoke air-based material conveying solutions for over 30 years and our extensive range of systems are specially engineered to support the beverage can manufacturing process.

    Our team have extensive knowledge of the can making process and take great pride in ensuring the solutions offered meets with all the individual requirements of the production facility.

    Aluminium Can Scrap Palletless Baling System
    Can making metal scrap removal systems
    Can making metal scrap removal systems
    Robot and bale stack

    Process Extraction Solutions


    Metal Scrap Handling

    To support the high-speed removal of steel or aluminium scrap from cupping presses, body maker trimmers and reject can collection points, Impact Air Systems provide robust, efficient, and cost-effective scrap handling systems, which convey the waste material to centralised collection areas for baling and recycling.

    Features include whole can/scrap collection hoppers or telescopic extraction nozzles, oil mist separation, chopper fan, specially adapted high durability ductwork, advanced screen separators and baler feed weigh hoppers and even fully automated robot bale handling.

    Robotic Handling and Baling

    The high production output typically seen in beverage can facilities, means that a significant amount of scrap material must be collected for recycling. Bales need to be stacked into manageable pallets to enable them to be transported off site for remelt.

    Historically, this task has been manual or more recently, by using automated robot bale stacking, where bales are stacked onto a wooden pallet for ease of movement. A key element of our latest robot bale handling and palletising cell allows finished bales to be stacked into separate bright and decorated loads, without using wooden pallets.

    A ‘pallet free’ pattern enables stacking of bales into a payload for strapping, leaving fork truck lifting voids, resulting in aluminium scrap that can be transported for recycling without the need for costly wooden pallets, therefore increasing the revenue generated for recovered waste aluminium.

    The bale stacking pattern also ensures maximum vehicle payloads are achieved once the material is ready to leave the facility for re-melting.

    All Solutions

    Scrap extraction and robotic bale handling

    • Requirements to support modern high-speed lines
    • Backup/standby system redundancy
    • Heavy duty ductwork and system components
    • Energy efficient system design and ductwork layout
    • Segregation of waste into bright and printed scrap
    • Bale size and weight variations between bright and printed scrap
    • Pallet-less bale stacking configuration
    • Vehicle payload and after site transportation reduction
    • 4 or 6 axis robot configurations
    • Automatic bale stack strapping
    Can scrap extraction and robot baling

    Oil mist extraction systems

    • Specially selected conveying ductwork with leak free joints and seals
    • Local impingement filter usually mounted above the body maker to remove excess fluids
    • Energy efficient ductwork design and conveying velocity to minimise operational running costs
    • Latest hyper oil multi-stage self-cleaning filtration technology achieving a separation efficiency of 99.95MPPS according to EN1822 standards
    • High efficiency clean air fans
    • Easy maintenance and replacement of filtration media

    Aluminium can body maker oil mist extraction

    Printer ink mist and OV mist extraction

    • Specially developed ink duct capture hoods
    • Suitable for up to 8 colour printers
    • Separate large droplet collector for OV mist
    • Simple but effective filtration solution
    • Can be ducted into cold concentrator circuit if required

    Aluminium Can Printer mist extraction

    Printer cooling module

    • Data logging for performance analysis
    • Individual inker head and gearbox temperature control
    • Can be supplied to support multiple decorators
    • Automatically diverts water through a heater to avoid overcooling of the inker heads when selected low temperature is reached
    Aluminium Can Printer Cooling Module

    Sprays lacquer and can conveying fume extraction

    • Very high explosive lacquer (ATEX ST3 dust) considerations
    • Specially selected ductwork earthing and electrically conductive seals or earthing bridges
    • Latest technology self-cleaning dust filters
    • Incorporating absolute/ HEPA filter media
    Can Manufacturing Sprays Extraction

    Process exhaust stacks

    • Centralised hot and cold roof ductwork systems designed to collect solvents, fume and odours from multiple ovens or discharges systems
    • Explosion protection systems
    • Bypass and standby functions
    • Thermal lagging and condensation protection systems

    Aluminium Can | Bodymaker Oil Mist Extraction

    Client Feedback

    “We are very impressed with the high level of professionalism we experienced from Impact. Their knowledge of the systems they install and of the beverage can manufacturing process is extremely reassuring. From start to finish they worked to a very high standard and all members of the team were polite and courteous at all times. We would highly recommend Impact and will continue to work with them on future projects.”

    “Punctual, reliable and a pleasure to have on site.”

    “Impact are a company that move with the times ensuring the systems they design and install, fit and work around the latest technology in our can manufacturing facilities. This is why they are always our first port of call.”

    “A thoroughly professional company who understands the needs of the customer and delivers an outstanding service.”

    “Impact went the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. We would definitely use them again and recommend them to other can manufacturers.”

    Metal packaging process extraction systems installed

    Worldwide Success

    Across the globe, Impact’s extraction solutions play an integral part in the aluminium and steel packaging manufacturing process.

    As an industry leader in this field, our experience allows us to design, manufacture and install a bespoke system to meet individual requirements, ensuring a clean and safe working environment and valuable recovery of waste material.

    Metal packaging process extraction systems installed