Carton Packaging Edge Trim Extraction System Resolves Downtime and Increases Recycling Rates

Posted on: 9 August 2022

Offset Print & Packaging design and manufacture high quality, bespoke printed cartons at its facility in Aylesford, UK. Its current trim extraction system was no longer operating effectively, was unreliable and problematic, so needed to be replaced with a system that was capable of handling trim from existing and additional production lines.

Air system streamlining
Impact removed the old system and installed a brand-new trim extraction system which connects to two Bobst machines removing trim from the stripping edge (underside) and stripped waste and front edge/blanked waste from a K&B Iberica, which is then conveyed to external compactors.

The trim is collected by fan assisted waste trucks from the underside of the die station on the two Bobst machines and via a hood from the K&B Iberica.

The trim is conveyed via a ductwork circuit to a chopper fan, material separator, rotary valve and diverter drop chute before it is deposited to the compactors. The diverter drop chute deposits the trim material to each compactor in turn, to allow for continuous operation of the trim extraction system and therefore, production.

Innovative solutions
The waste trucks are a tried and tested technique of collecting waste and are mounted on castors to enable the operator to remove them from underneath the machine without any tooling when the operatives need access to set up the machine or carry out maintenance tasks.

A 300mm wide waste duct was installed to cope with the wide sheet material that is be generated by the Bobst machines, to ensure trouble-free operation.

Customer satisfaction
Vince Brearey, Managing Director at Offset Print and Packaging, commented on the installation:

“We are very pleased with all aspects from design to installation to performance, resulting in less downtime, which was caused by breakdowns and blockages in the old waste system. We have also now been able to fill our compactors totally, resulting in fewer collections, reducing the number of lorries on the road, while enabling us to recycle more material.”



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