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Customer testimonial
Consuma Project Engineer, George Middleton, commented on the new system…

“Impact were a company known to us for dust control for kitchen roll and tissue manufacture. We contacted them to see if they could assist us with our very specific requirements and they rose to the challenge.

The system was designed, installed and commissioned professionally to meet our individual needs and it performs efficiently with the effectiveness that we required. Our plant is now protected from dust fire risks and the system operates seamlessly within it.

We highly recommend Impact Air Systems!”

Consuma Paper Products in Grantham has been operating since 1974 creating innovative paper products, running multiple converting lines enabling it to cater to its customer’s individual needs.

Due to the dust generated during the manufacturing process, Consuma required a dust extraction system for its tissue converting machines, so approached Impact for a solution.

The Solution
Containing dust can be a challenge and can cause problems with maintenance, housekeeping and plant safety, so Impact designed custom canopy enclosure hoods that fit to the machines within the manufacturing process to ensure the dust generated is extracted at the source, therefore unable to move around the plant and land on machinery which can pose serious fire risks.

The dust extraction system also increases machine reliability and reduces downtime, improves worker health with an improved working environment, and improves housekeeping.

To minimise the amount of air required to create effective dust removal, we ensured the dust extraction points were enclosed as much as possible, reducing the air volume required for extraction and ensuring complete capture of the dust.

Specially designed transition sections were supplied to enable each enclosure to be connected to the dust extraction ductwork. From each transition section a run of conveying ductwork was installed, which rises to high level.

Once at high level, all the extract ducts combine into a common main header duct which will traverse the building at high level before running into the inlet of a tubular bag reverse jet filter unit. The filter is equipped with ATEX certified explosion relief rupture panels and also an ATEX rated isolation valve.

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