Air-based solutions to improve productivity, add value to your
material and take care of your environment.

Frequently asked questions

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Can you create a bespoke solution specifically for my business?

Yes we can. Bespoke systems are our speciality. We will come to your site to assess your requirements and current operations. From there we will be able to provide a technical quotation which will include our suggestions for a solution to your waste separation or extraction needs. These do vary from customer to customer, depending on the application and machinery being used. Our sales and projects team have over 30 years experience, so are well equipped to provide a solution that will work for you!

Our system needs servicing, what do we do?

Our sister company, Impact Technical Services are always on hand to provide you with exceptional servicing and maintenance of your system. They offer a range of services and packages to keep your system up and running to ensure productivity is not affected. Contact them on 0116 2448855 or email enquiries@impactts.co.uk.

What are the benefits of waste separation?

The separation and sorting of waste materials produces a higher value commodity so the materials can be sold for reuse and recycling. It also results in less waste ending in landfill.

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Want to know more about our test facility?

We will run a sample of your material through our test facility for you to see real results. Send/bring your material sample and we’ll carry out a live demonstration in person or online.

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Need technical services or spare parts?

Our nationwide service and maintenance packages are tailored to suit your requirements, we are on hand with a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, plus huge stocks of spares and parts.

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