Air Drum Separator (ADS)

The ADS is used to separate a high throughput, mixed stream of material into heavy and light components for further processing.

Solution Overview

The Air Drum Separator (ADS) is a specially adapted air knife separator unit working in conjunction with a rotating drum and is designed to separate a wide variety of materials based on density, shape and aerodynamic properties. The ADS is used for separating a mixed stream of material into heavy and light components, using a forward upward facing air knife nozzle mounted at the end of a material in-feed conveyor. Mixed material falling from the in-feed conveyor then passes through the high velocity air stream and is either carried over the drum or is unaffected and falls in front of the drum.

The use of the drum is the latest development in material separation technology and utilises fluid dynamics principles to greatly improve the efficiency of the air stream once it has left the confines of the air nozzle, resulting in greatly improved separation.

Advanced Separation Technology

  • Separation of material based on density and shape
  • Very high hourly throughput levels achievable
  • Fully adjustable airflow controls via electronic fan speed controls
  • Outstanding results to significantly improve the separation of the material stream
  • Best suited for: C&D, C&I, WEEE, MBT, RDF/SRF, MSW, ASR and many more
  • Few wear items, low maintenance and highly reliable
  • Available in three standard widths, 900mm, 1500mm and 2000mm (other configurations available on request)
Air Dum Separator for density separation of waste stream
  • Designed for bulkier, higher throughput material feeds
  • Mechanical separation module for increased filtration life and reduced maintenance
  • Robust, reliable construction
  • Reduced footprint compared to competitors
  • Ultimate flexibility and fine tuning of performance
  • Diverse range of applications
  • Improves the value of material
  • Reduces landfill