Trim Collection for Toilet Roll Manufacturer

Posted on: 11 February 2022

A tissue company which manufactures and distributes tissue and paper products to 27 countries around the world, required an efficient solution to collect and remove the waste nubbins (or cookies) produced during the manufacturing process.

Impact installed its Trim Extraction System with its non-intrusive hood designs and seamless operation to remove waste products and pneumatically convey them to an external baler and compactor for recycling.

The Impact extraction system is designed to capture waste nubbins from three existing tissue lines with the capacity to extend to a total of four.

Once the nubbins have been cut off by the log saw, they are conveyed to the chopper fan where they are further cut before passing through the slant screen separator, which separates the material from the conveying air stream, then through the rotary valve to the diverter drop chute.

The diverter drop chute will automatically select between the baler and compactor, should the baler go offline for any reason, to allow for continuation of production.

If grade segregation is required (toilet tissue or kitchen tissue), each grade is conveyed using a separate system. This minimises the energy requirements, noise levels and capital outlay as one fan serves all log saws for each grade type. In addition, the production area is free from waste handling equipment, enhancing the working environment.

Due to the dusty nature of tissue production, Impact’s unique approach also enables the inclusion of a reverse jet filter system which will filter the conveying air stream.

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