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For over thirty years Impact has provided air systems to clients around the world. These solutions provide companies, large and small, with new ways in which to recycle more, increase revenue and enhance productivity .
Bespoke systems
With our vast range of air systems knowledge and expertise across many industries, we can provide you with a solution to suit your individual requirements.
Expert engineering
Our solutions have been enhanced over time to perfectly suit our clients needs and to ensure you receive the highest quality engineered systems that perform for many years.
Specialist team
You can rely on our world-class team of technical sales managers, project engineers and project managers that will deliver an installation that is second to none.
After sales support
Our in-house service and spares team are on hand if you experience a breakdown or need to order spares and parts. We supply parts for any air system, including filter media and bearings.
Standards and directives
We strictly work to, and install systems that adhere to, all relevant health and safety standards and directives to ensure our staff and yours remain safe at all times, and your system is protected.
Global installations
So far, we have installed systems in over 20 countries, so we welcome you to request a quotation if you are outside the UK. We work with global suppliers to ensure our prices are very competitive.
Impact Expos
Extraction Solutions

Impact's waste and trim extraction solutions are designed and engineered with you in mind to ensure you receive a solution that improves your process, productivity while recovering recyclable material. If you manufacture paper products, carton or corrugated board, labels, foil, film and other packaging products, let us streamline your operation by installing the very latest solutions in waste handling technology.


Impact Air Systems has developed numerous cost-efficient waste separation systems for waste management companies and for the wider global recycling industry. Our innovative system design and well engineered components ensure maximum efficiency, speeding up the waste sorting task, improving material throughput and quality of recycled material grades.


Our robust range of solutions, developed over many years, allows us to confidently manage your dust issue. Whether you require a simple supply and connect dust bagging unit or a custom designed and professionally installed dust filtration/air recycling system, we are able to help.

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Want to know more about our test facility?

We will run a sample of your material through our test facility for you to see real results. Send/bring your material sample and we’ll carry out a live demonstration in person or online.

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Need technical services or spare parts?

Our nationwide service and maintenance packages are tailored to suit your requirements, we are on hand with a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, plus huge stocks of spares and parts.

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