Label Matrix Master

Solution Overview

The Impact Matrix Master offers a flexible localised extraction solution for typical label and self-adhesive products without having to install a central waste system.

Self contained
Designed with the incorporation of our hugely versatile precision trim cutter, the matrix master unit, can also handle sticky self-adhesive matrix, lattice waste and edge trim from the label production process. Neatly packaged inside an acoustic housing, the precision trim cutter, waste handling fan, material separator and disposable exhaust air dust filter form the basis of the unit.

Non-stick surfaces
The Matrix Master is designed to be positioned alongside the press, waste material is collected via a range of ductwork and transported through the unit and finally deposited in a polythene bag for manual disposal. The precision trim cutter efficiently cuts the continuous waste matrix, whilst high durability plasma non-stick coating, prevents self-adhesive label matrix sticking to the internal surfaces.

Bespoke options
Available with the option to include our waste screw compactor unit, delivering waste to an Archimedes screw compactor. This clever option allows waste trim to be compressed into a sausage like bag for disposal, without the need to stop the production process when the bag is full. The unit includes an integrated control system with flying lead for simple ‘plug in and go’ operation.

The Impact Trim Master Bagging Unit and Label Matrix Master are manufactured in the UK with spares and support readily available if required.

Matrix Master | Label Matrix Sticky Waste Removal Solution
  • Eliminates the need to rewind waste matrix and edge trims on press
  • Wide range of material applications including PSA label stock, laminated trim and film
  • Web width up to 500mm press speeds of up to 150 metres per minute
  • Eliminate production issues where awkward or irregular waste matrix patterns prevent waste being rewound on press
  • Eliminates traditional manual handling issues associated with handling large spools of waste matrix
  • Mobile unit can be moved between presses as required
  • Quiet efficient operation