Zigzag Air Classifier (ZAC)

Increase the value of your waste streams...

Solution Overview

Fast ROI
Impact recognises the industry requirements of ensuring a high-quality waste stream, so has further engineered the Zigzag Air Classifier (ZAC), a successful separation solution which greatly improves the separation of valuable recyclable materials while providing the operator with a low maintenance and hassle-free system. Throw in a super fast return on investment of as little as five months, and you’ve got the utlimate solution for your waste separation needs!

Long life, low maintenance
Combining our highly skilled in-house engineering team, 3D modelling software and working in conjunction with our carefully selected external supplier base, the ZAC boasts impressive resistance to abrasive materials, less moving parts and the very latest fitration technology, whilst maintaining its exceptional separation efficiency.

Utilising density separation by the power of air, the ZAC is specially engineered for processing of glass rich or highly abrasive sub 100mm material streams, constructed from carefully selected materials ensuring exceptional durability. The Zigzag cascade enclosure includes hardened chromium cast plates to greatly reduce wear from glass.

Advanced Separation Technology
Zigzag material separation technology is used to separate light weight material particles from heavier particles by cascading the mixed in-feed material through an upwards travelling air stream inside a zigzag shaped enclosure.

An upwards travelling airstream collects the lightweight material particles, allowing separation or grading of feedstock. Heavier material particles are not affected by the airstream and discharge at the bottom of the zigzag enclosure.

The zigzag air classification technology is ideally suited to low moisture, free flowing, consistently sized material particles up to approximately 60mm in size, where there is a noticeable difference in the product density or weight (i.e. separation of lightweight paper, film, dust and plastic from heavier stone, glass or metal). Recent installations have included WEEE and SRF recovery, Commercial & Industrial (C&I) and SRF recovery, MRF fines and glass, MSW, DMR and finished SRF.


Zigzag Air Classifier
  • High-quality material streams
  • Fast return on investment (from as little as 5 months)
  • Revenue from recyclable material
  • Reduced landfill tax
  • Low maintenance
  • Hard-wearing parts suitable for glass and other abrasive materials
  • Available in 800mm and 1200mm zigzag widths depending on throughput requirements