Case Studies


World leading packaging manufacturer selects Impact for trim and dust removal solutions at UK's largest box plant

Impact was selected to provide this prestigious plant with a comprehensive trim removal and dust collection system to service the Gopfert and Emba machines along with the BHS corrugator, and shredders.

The trim is seamlessly removed from the various board machines and conveyed via a network of high level ducting to the baler room where it is baled for recycling.

The system was also designed to cater for additional future converting machines.

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Carton trim waste extraction system

UK leading manufacturer of corrugated and pharmaceutical packaging chooses Impact for trim and dust removal systems

We installed a centralised trim extraction system consisting of collection hoods, conveyors, material conveying ductwork, rotary separator, chopper fan with acoustic enclosure, compactors and dust filter.

The board waste from the die station is discharged onto 600mm wide belt conveyors which transport the waste material from the underside of the Emba, Gopfert and Mitsubishi production machines, where it is collected from the belt conveyor using fishtail waste collection hoods.

The dust extraction system is split into two dedicated circuits. One that collects the airborne dust from the waste extraction, and the second that handles the dust created during the manufacturing process on the production line.

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Wallpaper trim off-cut collection system

Central trim system for folding carton and packaging manufacturer

The new central trim extraction system was installed to provide capacity to serve three Heidelberg cut and crease machines to increase instant and future productivity.

Gripper edge and die cut waste is collected by purpose made hoods which is then pneumatically conveyed to the exterior chopper fan, rotary separator, diverter drop chute, and ultimately, compactors.

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Carton trim waste extraction system

Wallpaper edge trim collection system, Sweden

A TM250 trim master unit was installed to collect production off-cuts from three machines for a wallpaper manufacturer in Sweden.

A chopper fan and dust collector was included along with a continuous trim bagging system, to allow for uninterrupted trim collection and compacting.

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Wallpaper trim off-cut collection system

Corrugated box trim removal system

A centralised corrugated trim removal system was required by our customer, a corrugated postal box manufacturer in South West England.

The gripper edge off-cuts are collected from the Eterna and Bobst machines and conveyed to the external compactors for recycling.

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Eterna and Bobst gripper edge trim collection system

Trim removal system upgrade for improved productivity - Ireland

An upgrade was required to enhance productivity by servicing an additional Bobst Novacut 106.

The box manufacturer required the future-proofing upgrade to ensure the separator can handle five Bobst machines, plus floor sweep-up system.

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Airveyor trim collection from Bobst 106 board packaging machine

Trim system upgrade for simultaneous machine collection

Our customer required the flexibility to operate the Bobst, guillotine and floor sweep-up system simultaneously by having extraction at all points.

In order to achieve this we upgraded two fans, the existing ducting circuits and material separator air screen.

A new Bobst collection truck was also installed to collect die cut trim and a hood for the gripper edge trim waste.

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Trim collection truck under Bobst box maker

Dust control system at corrugated plant, Detroit, USA

We designed and supplied components for a new dust control system at a corrugated plant in Detroit, USA.

The components consisted of a dust handling fan, dust collection hoods, ductwork circuit, cyclone, ATEX isolation valve, briquetter and other connecting parts.

These were installed by our project partner REI based in North Carolina.

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Dust control system at corrugated board plant

New board trim system for collection from three machines

A MAX88, Rotocut, which were being relocated, and one other new machine, required efficient trim conveying and collection, for a corrugated board manufacturer in Glasgow.

We designed, supplied and installed a new collection hood for each machine, a ducting circuit, heavy duty chopper fan, RS30HD rotary separator, and control panel.

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Trim collection truck under Bobst box maker

Corrugated board converter has new trim system

Collection of trim off-cuts from converting machines, Emba printer slotter with rotary die and Eterna auto platen, was required by our customer in Dublin, Ireland.

Carefully sized extraction ducts were selected for each collection point, to ensure the best performance, and the full trim system install was completed with a hand strip floor collection and additional future capacity as requested.

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Corrugated board trim collection system

Trim collection system from converting machines in Wales

A corrugated trim collection system from a range of converting machinery including a YSF converting machine, JC machine, TCY converter and a Century Fast 1650GZA, was installed at a corrugated packaging manufacturers in Wales.

The die cut waste, gripper edge waste and slitter waste is removed from the converting machines via purpose built hoods for the specific converters.

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Trim removal system from corrugated converting machines

London based paper merchant requires upgrade for additional production line

Modifications to an exisiting trim extraction system are just one of the many solutions we offer to our clients in the paper industry.

The upgrade means that our client has improved productivity with minimum disruption to existing operations.

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Corrugated board trim collection system

Trim collection system for packaging manufacturer in Washington, USA

A cartonboard trim collection system was required, from a range of converting machines including a three Bobst machines, a Maxson sheeter, Econ sheeter, shredder and a sweep-up system.

Bespoke collection hoods were designed and manufactured for each machine collection point or slitting point, with all trim conveyed to the dual separators and balers.

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Paperboard packaging manufacturing trim removal systems

Northen Ireland packaging manufacturer invests in segregated trim removal system

Impact designed, supplied and installed a segregated waste extraction system at a cartonboard packaging manufacturers in Belfast.

It has two Mastermatrix Auto Platen machines which edge trim and die cut waste must be collected from to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Our trim system segregates the recyclable and non-recyclable waste before depositing into separate compactors.

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Cartonboard trim removal system

Plastic film capture and dust control system installed at waste facility in Wisconsin, USA.

Due to the impressive results from previously installed Impact film capture systems in the UK and at various waste facilities across the USA and Canada, our customer has ordered numerous systems from Impact to further improve their efforts to remove flexible plastic contaminants resulting in high quality waste streams for recycling.

Impact’s Airlift is an innovative solution designed to work in conjunction with optical sorters to capture film that has been rejected from the material stream by the optical sorter air injection. Film contamination is collected using the Impact Airlift system, allowing other reject materials, such as rigid plastics, to be removed for overall improved quality.

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Plastic film removal from waste stream | Impact Airlift

Glass recovery ZAC800 installed at waste facility in New York, USA.

Another one of our most popular material recovery solutions has been shipped over the pond to the USA, this time in New York to recover glass at a waste management facility.

The ZAC800 was specifically selected to process trommel fines, recovering glass from the light material consisting of paper, flexible plastic packaging, fibre and dust, to improve the quality of the material for further processing and recycling. 

The ZAC is constructed from carefully selected materials ensuring an exceptional durability from wear when handling highly abrasive material streams such as hardcore, ceramics and glass.

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Glass cullet ZAC installation at Stacey Processing

Stacey Processing ordered an Impact ZAC separation system to process its 0-50mm glass cullet at 10tph. A solution to manage high material throughput was required, and to provide a high quality material stream output for sending the clean glass for remelt.

The ZAC is a proven separation solution which greatly improves the separation of valuable recyclable materials while providing the operator with a low maintenance and hassle-free system. Throw in a super fast return on investment of as little as five months, and you’ve got the utlimate solution for your waste separation needs!

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Glass cullet processing ZAC

Two more ZAC's for Recresco!

Glass processing and recycling specialists, Recresco, already have six glass cleaning Impact ZAC's installed across its Ellesmere Port and Cwmbran sites, but now has requested two more, this time for metals recovery.

The first metals recovery ZAC will clean up the plastic, dust and fibre from the fines shredded aluminium input stream and the second ZAC will clean the plastic, dust and fibe from the heavier metals and bottom ash.

A dust control system was also installed - see dust control case study for further details.

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PET bottle transfer system for food waste and packaging recycling plant

Our customer recycles food waste as well plastic, glass, metal and cardboard packaging. It needed a material transfer system to pneumatically convey PET bottles to the baler infeed conveyor system.

The Impact material transfer system is a seamless system that works around the facility at high level so it keep the floor area clear for other processing machinery. 

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Material transfer line tansporting PET bottles

2x ZAC 1200 installed at UK glass processing facility

Our customer specialises in buying and recycling all types of glass and in order to produce a higher quality glass material stream, required Impact's Zigzag Air Classifiers to achieve this.

For such high material throughput, we supplied two 1200mm wide ZAC's which will manage the material with ease.

Once cleaned the glass will then be recycled as bottles, jars, construction products, insulation and much more.

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Glass cullet recovered mixed waste material stream

WEEE plastic transfer system for waste processing plant in North East, UK

In order to process and ultimately recycle the WEEE waste at its facility, our customer required two transfer systems, a ZAC density separation system and a central dust filtration unit.

Our solutions were installed to provide the customer with the desired results and throuput capability, in the time frame specified and to a high standard.  

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WEEE plastic materals transfer system

Double ZAC 1200 installed at waste management facility for glass cleaning

Our customer of many years wanted to upgrade its glass cleaning plant, so called on us to provide a new solution.

The ZAC 1200 was the ideal system to deliver the results our customer required in order for the glass to be cleaned for re-processing and remelt. Two sizes of glass cullet is produced and require cleaning at the plant, at high throughput, so two ZAC1200's were selected to manage the materials streams.

View our gallery to see the full system installed and material images.


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Cleaned glass gullet for remelt using Impact ZAC system

Dust control system at metals recovery plant

We recently installed two more of our ZAC material recovery solutions for this long standing customer, who also required dust control systems to manage the dust produced during the material separation process.

Dust management was required at the optical sorters as well as the heavies and lights material streams. Dust collection hoods were designed and installed at each of the material transfer points to ensure effective dust capture and ATEX rated mechanical backdraught dampers were installed to protect the facility in the unlikely event of an explosion.

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Major centralised dust control system at waste facility in Coventry

Impact was extremely proud to be selected to provide the dust control system and flexible plastic packaging Airlift solution at the new 'world leading' Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) built in Coventry.

The site will process up to a total of 250,000 tonnes of feedstock per annum, so we have installed a 568sqm ATEXrated tubular bag filtration unit, along with 20 dust collection points located throughout the plant to manage the high volume of dust that will, inevitably, be created by the material.

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Centralised dust control system for new MRF

Major centralised dust control system at waste facility in Scotland

Impact was honoured to be selected to design, supply and install a centralised dust control system at a new £111m energy from waste and material recovery facility in Scotland.

We installed dust collection hoods and connections at various material transfer points throughout the plant, including the tipping floor, to ensure a safe and clean working environment.

An external fully automatic tubular bag filtration unit with four collection bins with probes for fill level detection were installed.

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Major central dust control system and waste management facility

Dust Control for Kitchen Roll and Tissue Manufacture

Containing dust can be a challenge and can cause problems with maintenance, housekeeping and plant safety, so Impact designed custom canopy enclosure hoods that fit to the machines within the manufacturing process to ensure the dust generated is extracted at the source, therefore unable to move around the plant and land on machinery which can pose serious fire risks.

To minimise the amount of air required to create effective dust removal, we ensured the dust extraction points were enclosed as much as possible, reducing the air volume required for extraction and ensuring complete capture of the dust.

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Tissue manufacture dust control

Confidential Document Shredding and Dust Control

As with all high impact processes involving the shredding and destruction of paper and board products, fibrous dust is produced which can easily become airborne.

To combat this we installed a centralised dust control system which had been specifically designed to entrain airborne dust as it is generated throughout the process, including the tipping bay, shredder feed conveyors, shredder and all belt conveyor transfer points.

The captured dust is fed into a briquetter which compresses the dust into compact briquettes for ease of disposal, minimising the potential of a secondary dust issue associated with loose disposal by means of bags/containers.

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Major central dust control system and waste management facility

Dust Control System at Energy from Waste Plant

We were selected to design and install numerous air system components and a centralised dust control system at an energy from waste plant. The power station will be processing typical SRF/RDF material to ensure that it meets a very tight specification allowing the finished material to be fed into a gasification process where it will be burned as a fuel to produce electricity.

Impact’s experience and expertise were relied upon to provide fans and a ductwork circuit that would remove dust effectively and efficiently from numerous collection points throughout the plant. Included at the point of lights discharge are mechanical pre-separators which work to prevent any oversized items such as plastic bags or fibre from entering the fan circuit, dust system or filter.

The central dust extraction system connects a total of 39 collection points using galvanised mild steel spiral wound ductwork.

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Dust control system at Energy from Waste Facility