Trim Extraction Systems

Air-conveyance solutions to improve productivity, add value to your
material and take care of your environment.

Solution Overview

Impact has been providing production waste and trim extraction systems since the 1980s and have provided edge trim removal solutions to remove waste materials from production processes in a wide variety of industries, allowing maximum production output, using minimal labour, encouraging better recycling and providing additional revenue from waste material.

We provide production waste removal systems, designed and installed to remove waste and off cuts from the manufacturing process of paper, carton board, corrugated board, foil and film trim, can scrap, tissue and sticky label web.

Print, packaging, label and beverage can, are just a few of the major industries we regularly supply our systems to.

From full turnkey trim extraction systems to standalone extraction units, we have a solution to resolve your waste and trim extraction problems.

Removing edge trim from corrugators or high speed slitting stations in heavy weight or thick material applications such as corrugated board or heavy weight laminated edge trims, can often be challenging, especially when dealing with wide edge trims travelling up to 1500 meters per minute.

It is critical to ensure the position and specification of the equipment designed to receive and process this type of material is robust and correctly engineered.

Through working with the leading machinery manufacturers and blue chip corrugated board producers and converters, we have installed many reliable systems. At the heart of the system is a heavy duty chopper fan positioned to reduce the difficult continuous edge trims into more manageable and easy to convey pieces.

Carton board packaging trim removal system
  • Improved productivity through reliable, automated scrap removal
  • Improved energy efficiency by returning clean air back into your production environment
  • Revenue from recycling waste
  • Clean working environment
  • Avoid costly shutdowns
  • Reduced labour costs