Air Knife Waste Separation

An adaptable system to remove lighter contaminants from your waste stream.

Solution Overview

The main function of the airknife, or windsifter/windshifter, is to remove low-value fractions from the material stream. Typically installed at a conveyor junction, the airknife consists of an input air volume channeled through an adjustable nozzle, working in conjunction with an extraction hood, all mounted inside a single enclosure.

The airknife is employed to remove lightweight unpickable items such as paper, plastics and foil from the material stream. The input air creates a high-velocity airstream through which the falling material has to travel. The lighter material fractions are blown or separated from the falling material and are captured by the extraction hood and conveyed away. The heavier material is unaffected by the incoming airstream and falls onto the conveyor below.

The Impact airknife solution can be adopted and applied to a wide variety of material streams including domestic comingled recyclables and C&D recycling operations.

Aiknife Plastic Container and Paper Resource Recovery
  • Wide range of material applications
  • Fully adjustable both via manual dampers and electronic fan speed controls
  • Significant reduction in manual sorting labour requirements and costs
  • Significantly improves the performance of downstream processes by removing unwanted contaminants
  • Custom designed enclosures to suit a variety of Airknife locations
  • High material throughput capabilities
  • Low maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • Used in conjunction with the Impact range of material separators and dust filtration