Briquetting Systems

Solution Overview

Designed to substantially reduce the volume of nuisance dust collected via dust filtration, this extremely versatile unit can be easily integrated into the system design allowing dust volume reduction levels of 20:1. No longer is it necessary to manually handle large sacks of waste dust collected during filtration, instead the material is efficiently converted into manageable high density briquettes, reducing storage and handling requirements.

Dust is received by the collection drum and when the unit is activated by a level probe, it is fed by a dosing paddle into the compression chamber. Hydraulic rams convert the loose material into the final shape before ejecting the finished product.

The Impact dust briquetting system is the obvious choice for high dust volume applications helping to reduce labour and material handling. In addition, this waste material often has a very high calorific value and (depending on the source) can often be used as a fuel source in a number of waste to energy facilities.

  • Automatic operation via internal level switch
  • Ideal for use with the Impact range of reverse jet filters
  • Tough durable steel construction
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Excellent quality briquettes produced
  • Wide range of material applications
  • Low energy hydraulic system
  • Auto shutdown when material feed stops for low running costs
  • Ideal for high dust volume applications
  • Potential to use finished briquette as fuel source in waste to energy facilities