Corrugated Board Trim Removal System

Our customer, a UK leading manufacturer of corrugated and pharmaceutical packaging, contacted us with the requirement for a corrugated board trim removal system and a dust control system for its new production facility in the north west of England.

As one of the most modern corrugated sheet plants in the UK, offering a wide range of solutions for its clients, a dust and trim extraction solution was required in order to ensure efficient dust and trim collection from a number of production machines at high capacity. Our systems were designed to fulfil this requirement.

Our solution
In order to seamlessly collect the continuous stream of corrugated board off-cuts, we installed a centralised trim extraction system consisting of collection hoods, conveyors, material conveying ductwork, rotary separator, chopper fan with acoustic enclosure, compactors and dust filter.

The board waste from the die station is discharged onto 600mm wide belt conveyors which transport the waste material from the underside of the Emba, Gopfert and Mitsubishi production machines, where it is collected from the belt conveyor using fishtail waste collection hoods.

Heavy duty chopper fans provide the conveying airflow for the waste extraction circuit as well as breaking up any large pieces of material as they pass through the fan. Acoustic fan enclosures were included as part of our recommendation to reduce break out noise levels during operation.

Waste material is removed from the conveying airflow using our model RS70HD rotary material separator and deposited into waste compactors.

The dust extraction system is split into two dedicated circuits. One that collects the airborne dust from the waste extraction, and the second that handles the dust created during the manufacturing process on the production line.

By removing the board trim and off-cuts from the production process, along with the dust that is also produced, downtime is kept to an absolute minimum, increasing productivity and improving the quality of the product.

Corrugated board collection and compacting
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