Flexible Plastic Packaging and Bread Separation

When Resource Food contacted us with regards to their requirements of flexible plastic packagingrecycling and bread recovery, we were confident that our zigzag separation system would do the job perfectly.

Resource Food maximise ways in which packaging can be recycled and surplus food, from supermarkets for example, is used in products such as high quality animal feed.

Successfully removing the plastic packaging from the expired bread involved various stages, starting with the loading of the packaged bread onto the conveyor. From here, it is loaded into the Dominator Turbo Separator, which breaks the bread down and loosens the packaging.

Flexible Plastic Packaging Recovery

Small bread fractions are conveyed to a bunker at this point, and the remaining larger pieces are conveyed to the zigzag separation system where density separation takes place, resulting in heavy and light material separation. The bread (heavy material) is deposited from the zigzag chamber into a bunker below, while the flexible plastic packaging (light material) is deposited into a separate bunker.

Resource Food then send the bread onto UK farmers for use as animal feed. The plastic packaging is baled and recycled.

Material Information
Description: Broken bread and plastic film
Particle size (mm): Sub 80mm
Hourly throughput (t/h): 3 ton/10 hour day
Mixed bulk density (kg/m3): 80kg/m3
Heavy material description: Broken bread
Light material description: Plastic film

To find out more and to see this system in action, visit the Zigzag Separation System page here, or contact our technical sales team for your solution.

Flexible plastic packaging recycling
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