Impact Wins Award for Sustainable Waste Extraction and Separation Solutions

Posted on: 10 August 2022

Impact Air Systems win Industry Excellence Award for its outstanding efforts in sustainability, quality and performance of its air-based waste extraction and material separation solutions.

“Our parent company has a strong corporate objective to support sustainability, so being recognised for this award, displays our work in accordance with this. At the core of our business, we support our customers by developing robust solutions to help minimise their environmental impact and increase the volume of materials being recycled. We also work extremely hard to ensure our own operations are environmentally friendly, so to accept an award that fully supports our overall business model is something we are extremely proud of,” stated Dave Lansdell, Impact’s Technical Sales Director.

Impact Air Systems is based in Leicester and was established in 1989. Since it began, the company has developed a vast range of solutions and is now an internationally recognised company, completing projects on almost every continent and offers a total solution that reflects engineering at its best. With a passionate and dedicated team of staff, Impact has continued to develop the business and achieve year on year growth.

As an industry leading air technology specialist with over 30 years’ experience in providing air systems around the world, Impact’s mission is to continue developing innovative solutions that affirms its position at the forefront of its industry, providing customers with solutions that meet their specific requirements as well as enable them to recycle more and work towards a zero-waste target.

“We specialise in air-based material conveying and material separation solutions. We categorise the business into three main areas, waste and trim extraction and material separation systems, that can be applied to many industry sectors. In 2008, we diversified slightly to a much broader recycling industry and reapplied our own technology to separate materials based on density, size, and shape to support the increased expansion of household and curb side collections, and for this, we work with a lot of major UK and overseas recycling facilities. Thirdly, our environmental solutions enable us to offer dust and fume and odour control systems for those sectors,” said Dave.


There are numerous industries to which Impact Air Systems provide solutions for, including recycling and industrial production facilities for printing, corrugated and carton board, foil and film, and beverage can. But what makes Impact Air Systems so significant to the industry, is its long-term established relationships. “Many of our clients have worked with us for decades. We have an impressive range of air-based solutions, and our team has exceptional knowledge of these as well as our clients’ processes, which we believe, is why a large percentage of our business comes from repeat custom. Our solutions provide outstanding results, and that is why our clients choose us again and again. We are always looking for ways to add value to a process through the application of our solutions,” said Dave.

Impact Air Systems waste and trim removal systems are designed and installed to remove waste and off cuts from the manufacturing process of paper, carton board, foil, and film trim, can scrap, tissue and sticky label web. From full turnkey trim extraction systems to standalone extraction units, industries such as print, packaging, label and beverage can, will find everything needed to resolve all waste and trim extraction problems. Experience gained from serving a vast array of industrial sectors, means technology designed for one sector can often be applied to a completely different application.

“We witnessed a significant increase in demand for our solutions and services from the packaging sector during the early parts of COVID-19 due to an increase in online shopping and ecommerce trading. Production output increased for large, corrugated and carton board packaging companies such as Smurfit Kappa. The beverage can sector also exploded, which was positive for us as we have a large presence in this sector providing various solutions to many of the big-name manufacturers such as Ball Packaging.  With thirty years of trading under our belt, we have a vast range of experience and knowledge of a broad range of industries from printing and packaging manufacture through to automotive, we cover it all.” stated Dave.

    Digital Print Trim Removal

Impact Air Systems also provide operation enhancing solutions for large ecommerce and fulfilment giants and major supermarket distribution centres, where the increase of online shopping has seen them struggle to handle unwanted flexible materials such as plastic film, cling pallet wrap, bags, and other flexible materials. “We offer solutions to these facilities to help them manage the huge volume of waste packaging and other flexible materials that come from deliveries and returned items. Our focus is to support these facilities with pneumatic conveying solutions, collecting waste materials from numerous positions within the facility and conveying them to one central recycling area, improving their overall ability to recycle those items” commented Dave.

The result? No more bins, slip hazards or waste cages and a higher sorting efficiency, meaning the standard of recycling is vastly improved at source, resulting in a greater reduction in handling and transportation costs and treatment fees at waste sites.


Twelve months ago, Impact Air Systems re-engineered its popular density separation solution, the Zigzag Air Classifier (ZAC) due to increasing demands from clients who requested a higher throughput version. Combining its highly skilled in-house engineering team, 3D modelling software and working in conjunction with its carefully selected external supplier base, the ZAC1200 includes all the same features as smaller models but operates at a 50% higher capacity. The ZAC1200 handles up to 36m³/h and has been re-engineered for the separation of waste material such as glass, SRF and aggregates. The machine offers a fast return on investment, small footprint, and innovative engineering with one customer commenting on the system, “We process around 75,000 tons of construction and demolition waste a year and with the ZAC800 we can process the sub 40mm fraction and very effectively achieve a mix of clean glass, stone and ceramic that can be used in our recycled aggregate facility. Investing in Impact’s ZAC800 was an easy decision for us, Impact carried out a detailed trial on our material and the results that were promised, have now come to fruition. It can process waste streams at a high hourly throughput with material recovery results that are very impressive. The value in the cleaned glass and stone stream and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) stream paid for the machine within the first 6 months of operation. The payback on this system has been so good, we’ve ordered another one!”

Waste separation solution | Impact ZAC   

Impact Air Systems also has a strong presence in the US, as well as Europe and Japan.

Dave concluded with overseas plans for Impact, “Going forward, we wish to expand our presence and focus on the US, where we have been trading for over eight years now. We have strong partnerships across the waste management/materials recovery sector and with packaging manufacturers alike, so we plan to explore these areas further.

With the global aim of reusing and recycling more, and with sustainability in mind, we are excited for the future of Impact’s success.”




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